Custom 3D Printing

Custom 3D Printing

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MooseWorx is glad to offer 3D printing services for items you wish to have 3D printed.

There are two ways we can meet your 3D printing needs:

1) Find an object from an online model repository such as Thingiverse and email the link to us: We will email you back with color, printing options, and pricing.

2) Send us the item you either want replicated or accessorized with 3D printing. Contact us - - prior to mailing and we will discuss shipping, options, and pricing.


Shipping to us will be out of the customer's pocket.

However, we will pay for shipping the item or the 3D print to you, whichever option is cheaper for you.

If the original item and the 3D print can be shipped together, they will be and we will cover shipping.

If the items cannot be shipped together, we will cover the more expensive shipping cost, leaving you to pay shipping on the less expensive item to be shipped back.



We follow Creative Commons Licensing

If you are not the original creator of the model you wish to be printed, the model can only be printed under licensing that allows commercial production. No exceptions.

MooseWorx will print items in good faith provided that you, the consumer, exercised due diligence by either being the original model designer or determining commercial reproduction of the model is allowed by the model creator.

MooseWorx reserves the right to terminate a business relationship if licensing rules are not honored.